Getting Started with Crystals

Getting Started with Crystals

With so many options to choose from, picking and using the right crystal for you can feel quite overwhelming. Check out the following tips to help you when you're browsing in person or online! 

First of all, whether it boils down to shopping in person or online, it's always important to go with your gut feeling. Follow what you're attracted to. When you like the color, shape, feel or energy of a crystal, more than likely you need that crystal and you may even find that the healing properties associated with said crystal are aligned to what you've been searching for, needing, wanting, etc. When we say a "crystal is meant for you", or the crystal "chooses you"...we're not bluffing.

Once you've taken your time and have the crystals you've been eyeing, it's time to cleanse them once you get home. I'll leave another post for this process, since there are so many to choose from! After cleansing, you can work with the crystal right away, whether you place it in your pocket, under your pillow before bed, or wish to program it with a certain intention for a particular purpose.

Take your time and don't feel pressure to have EVERY crystal in EVERY color in EVERY shape...You get the point. The most powerful crystals can be the simplest, such as trusty clear quartz! This crystal is great for beginners, since it amplifies energy already present and is versatile to fit your needs!

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