Magical Moonstone

Magical Moonstone

Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie behind the flashing surface of mystical moonstone? I’ve always known that this stone shares connection to the moon—to new beginnings, and releasing what no longer serves you, like the waxing and waning cycles of the moon. But…did you know that this stone has shared this connection for centuries across the globe?!

In Ancient Rome and Greece, moonstone was thought to have come directly from the moon in the form of moon rays! It even shared association with Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon! What makes this stone even more magical is the fact that Grecian mineralogists have called moonstone “Hecatolite” after Hecate, a Greek goddess associated with the mystic arts and the moon! In India, moonstone has been considered a precious stone of love and has been given to newly wed couples as a gift of good blessings to their union!
Moonstone was once said to bring its collector wisdom, love, good fortune, and fertility or protection during pregnancy. Today moonstone still holds these properties with additional properties surrounding lunar cycles, such as ease through transformation, releasing negativity, connection to divine femininity, and spiritual awareness! 

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